“4 steps from the sea" was born in 2005 in a small street in the historic center of La Spezia. The apartment is by grandmother Eli, to whom I owe everything and whom I will never thank enough😉

In 2016 the new headquarters in Corso Cavour, 260, are opened on the 4th floor of a historic building of the late nineteenth century. The frescoed walls unfortunately underwent a flooding so we had to paint them again but choosing to keep them colored, in memory of the ancient paintings and as a tribute to the beautiful colors of the Cinque Terre and the countries overlooking the sea in our coasts.
The wide entrance hall is dominated by a large chestnut and poplar wood panel decorated with sails and ribs carved on wood, representing the seas of our Gulf, the breath of the wind and sailing in the warm summer sun.

Riomaggiore room

The single room, “Riomaggiore", is quite large and is enriched by flowers of our hills and postcards representing the Cinque Terre.
We chose to use the soft colors of the sunset, to welcome tourists who choose to visit our locations.
Overlooking the surrounding hills and in the evening, you can see the lights that illuminate the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Olmo, of Marian devotion, which takes its name from the imposing elm plant placed in front of it.

Manarola room

The room “Manarola", double, is very spacious, the color wants to remember the shades of the sea of ​​the beaches along the coast that leads to the Cinque Terre (“le Rosse", “le Nere" …) when the sun illuminates it and does shine.
The room has a terrace enriched by the bright colors of geraniums. Until late in the evening it is warmed by the sun and overlooks the surrounding hills where the ancient Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Olmo stands, whose origins date back to 1659.

Corniglia room

Among the double rooms, “Corniglia", is distinguished by the wide niche hand-painted with floral motifs and shades of blue, the cracks that time has delineated on the painting have been purposely left to testify the distant origins of the building.
The room is partly enriched with warm ocher tones and small details like the old postcards of our city or jars with flowers typical of our gardens.

Vernazza room

The double room “Vernazza" is dominated by the indigo tones to give continuity to the paintings of the small niche in the bed wall, it was created and decorated during the construction of the building and has been left intact respecting the ancient tradition to fresco the walls as they show many palaces of our city.
The large room is adorned with flowers and stars, to remember the delicate scents that can be perceived walking along the paths of our coasts and the fantastic summer stars.

Monterosso room

The quadruple room, “Monterosso", has a surface of 26 square meters. and is very bright thanks to the three windows present. In addition to the double bed, the two single beds can be collected in a comfortable sofa making the spaces even wider.
The tones of ocher, gold and yellow envelop guests in a warm welcome and the numerous references to fish and the sea want to remember the famous anchovies of Monterosso, often skillfully and originally reproduced in ceramic by local artisans.