To get to the Cinque Terre is advised to take the train, the central station of La Spezia is about 10 minutes walk from the property.

Alternatively you can go to the “Molo Italia" (15 min walk), take the boat and visit the Cinque Terre from the sea.

Cinque Terre Area

UNESCO has inserted the Cinque Terre among the world heritage of Humanity.

The Cinque Terre area includes the National Park and the Protected Sea Area between Punta Mesco and Punta Monte Nero.

The Cinque Terre are: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso, they make up a view of unspeakable charm with the churches, the sanctuaries, the museums, but above all, through its landscape.

The monumental architecture of terraces (rising steeply from the sea) created by generations of men and supported by over 7000 km of dry stone walls are the area where the vineyard produce an excellent wine of designated origin among which the excellent Sciacchetrà, ancient meditation wine, and the olive trees produce an extra virgin olive oil which wonderfully complements the local cuisine.

The best way to visit and enjoy the Cinque Terre is to visit in on foot along the paths and the centuries old flights of steps.

The Mediterranean shrubland boasts a vegetation that is composed of euphorbias, cisti, brooms, agaves and aromatic herbs or basil.

The landscape of 5 Terre is harsh and wild: high cliff, shingle beaches or tiny ports, marvellous hills and coves…

Once the name Terra -land- meant village, this explains the origin of the name Cinque Terre -Five Villages-


(8 minutes by train from La Spezia)

riomaggioreStarting from La Spezia, the first village of the Cinque Terre is Riomaggiore, characterized by minute pebble beaches and cliffs where you can lie in the sun.

Out of the station and turn left you will find the path through the Cinque Terre (Sentiero Azzurro -Blue trail)

The first section is the most famous, the Via dell' Amore, (the Way of Love) connects Riomaggiore to Manarola (an easy stroll of 20 minutes). To the train station turn right through the tunnel to get in the center of Riomaggiore, there is a single main drag lined with local shops and restaurants.

Riomaggiore is also home to the Museum of Memory.

Walking up to reach the Church of San Giovanni Battista , the castle and finally at on the top the Shrine of Madonna di Monte Nero (341 meters).

Going down you can reach the beach and the marina.


(11 minutes by train from La Spezia)

manarolaThe village, clinging to the rock face, characterized by piled up houses in a multi colored mosaic.

Manarola is the smallest of the seaside villages of the Cinque Terre.

The churches of Manarola, San Lorenzo (with a beautiful rosette) and the Madonna della Salute (the ancien Romanesque church) overlook the village

Manarola is home to the Cinque Terre wine cooperative (offer wine tasting and visit the farm-Cinque Terre DOC white wine or sweet dessert wine Sciacchetrà). In addition, a small museum is dedicated to Schiacchetrà.

From Manarola to Corniglia the path (about 1 hour) above a beach of large pebbles and it leads to the long staircase that reaches to Corniglia.


(15 minutes by train from La Spezia)

corniglia The Cinque Terre’s central village does not touches the sea but is nestled on a hill surrounded by vineyards and offers unforgettable views.

Really lovely the “Ciapara” square and the splendid view of the rooftop terrace of Santa Maria

Right of the Corniglia train station and below the path to Manarola there is a long beach of small boulders. Between Corniglia e Manarola there is a sunny and green beach of Guvano (nude beach)

The path from Corniglia to Vernazza (1 hour and a half) it gets tougher but more picturesque.


(20 minutes by train from La Spezia)

VernazzaVernazza still retains the characteristics of an ancient fishing village, the small country, surrounded by the typical terraced for the cultivation of vineyards, it offers one of the most evocative images of the Cinque Terre.

Crossed by a main road leading to the port, it is full of steps, arches, balconies and churches that are reminiscent of its glorious past.

It overlooks the sea , the splendid Church of Santa Margherita, which was rebuilt in the thirteenth century, and enlarged in the seventeenth century, with the addition of the bell tower.

The castle Castello Doria, overlooking the village, and its cylindrical tower offers a magnificent 360 ° view.

The Sanctuary of Madonna di Reggio, is 350 above sea level and is reached by the path number 8 along approximately 1 km.

The path from Vernazza to Monterosso is 150 above the sea level, the walk takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


(25 minutes by train from La Spezia)

monterossoMonterosso is the only country in the Cinque Terre to have a long sandy beach and is divided by a tunnel between the old country and the new country(Fegina).

Located at the bottom of the new town beach is the statue of the giant 14 meters high, is Neptune that and was built in 1910.

The Soviore Sanctuary is located approximately 460 meters above sea level..

Between the two countries is the Tower Aurea, erected as a defensive position around the year 1000 on the hill of San Cristoforo which also houses the Capuchin Monastery and the Church of San Francesco.

In the old country, around 1300 , the church of San Giovanni Battista was built, the facade is built in marble that was quarried from Punta Mesco.

The hills are full of vineyards and olive trees and are surrounded by cliffs dropping into the sea.